Until Dawn arriving late August, new trailer released

Changes of console seem to be a big thing these days, many games are abandoning their original last generation plans and instead going current generation exclusive or they take longer then expected and from a company standpoint it is just better to release the game on the place where the market is going. This is exactly the case with Sony’s Until Dawn, when the game was originally unvelied it was planned for release on the Playstation 3 and would feature support for the Playstation Move, however last year the survival-horror game was revealed to be moving on and becoming a Playstation 4 exclusive, of course the one thing many have been waiting for is a release date which the developers have been silent on, until now. Thanks to Playstation’s Youtube channel we know have a new trailer for the game and a confirmed release date, the trailer tells us that the game is set to arrive on August 25th in North America, the game will then arrive in Europe on August 26th. Though those who live in the UK and Ireland are sadly going to have to wait a couple of extra days for the game as it won’t arrive until August 28th, so mark your calenders and get read to walk the road Until Dawn (terrible joke I know). You can get excited for the game with the trailer below:

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