Breath Of The Wild: How To Get The Master Cycle

The land of Hyrule, once it was realized in 3D, became far too vast for Link to travel on foot. Sprinting across the open worlds of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild or Tears of the Kingdom will quickly leave our hero exhausted. Thankfully there are plenty of horses to tame and cut down on travel time, including Link’s old reliable Epona, but there’s one extra method of travel introduced in the Breath of The Wild DLC that is quite unexpected.

There have been “modern” modes of transportation seen in Zelda games before, like the train from Spirit Tracks. However, whilst Breath of The Wild‘s world feels firmly in the realm of historical fantasy, the Master Cycle is a straight-up motorcycle. Here’s how you can give Link his very first steel horse.

How To Get The Master Cycle In Breath of The Wild 

Breath of The Wild cycle
The vast fields of Hyrule will be a lot easier to cross on wheels.

The Master Cycle can’t be unlocked without purchasing the second of Breath of The Wild’s DLC called “Champions’ Ballad.” This expansion introduces a new questline of the same name that you will need to complete.

This quest is broken up into four parts: EX Champion Mipha’s Song, EX Champion Revali’s Song, EX Champion Daruk’s Song, and EX Champion Urbosa’s Song. Each of these parts will have a set of challenges you need to complete and finish off against one of the Ganon blight forms.

After all four parts are complete, you can then go to the Divine Trial to face off against the final boss Monk Maz Koshia. Manage to beat this super-boss, and you will be given a new special rune that gives Link the ability to summon the Master Cycle!

The Master Cycle isn’t completely overpowered, which is somewhat of a bummer. Five-star horses are still faster than it when boosting, but it does have some very appealing advantages. First, you can’t take fall damage riding it, it is easier to steer, and can perform some sick jumps! Just like a real motorcycle, though, this baby needs fuel to run. Don’t worry, you won’t be draining all your Rupees filling up the tank. Instead, this magic motorcycle accepts any materials you dump into it and converts them into fuel! Where’s that tech in the real world when you need it?

Do you like the Master Cycle, or think it breaks the immersion and tone? What kind of vehicle are you planning to build in Tears of the Kingdom? Let us know all your thoughts on technology in Zelda down below!

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