Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom: Tajikats Shrine Solution

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is here! And boy is there a lot to do. Like its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, the game features an open world full of so much content. One of the many things players can take on is the shrines, which now have even crazier and obtuse puzzles to solve. In this guide, we will go over one of the many ways to solve the Building with Logs puzzle in Tajikats Shrine.

How To Solve Tajikats Shrine

Tajikats Shrine is located in the Central Hyrule region near Riverside Stable. Head southeast from Lookout Landing and climb over Whistling Hill to find this shrine.

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You’ll be happy to learn that this first part of the puzzle is easy! There’s a log against the wall. Use your Ultrahand ability to stand it vertically and lay it against the wall. Climb the log and you’re on to the next part.

Tears of The Kingdom Link standing in front of a puzzle room.

Here is where things get interesting. In the center of the room is a pool of water and laying horizontally down it is a pathway that’s tilted onto its side. Since the platforms are tilted, there’s not any way for you to lay the logs on top without them rolling off. Luckily, if you remember the log from the first area, you still have plenty of logs to work with, resulting in multiple methods for solving this puzzle.

One solution involved using Ultrahand to glue all the logs together end-to-end. This includes the one from the area prior. So I now had three logs standing on top of one another. Then, I stood this straight up and plunged it into the water and leaned it against the wall. This allowed me to just jump onto the logs and climb up into the next area!

Tears of the Kingdom Logs building Puzzle shrine.
One long log!

Tajikats Shrine Final Room

Building a bridge with two logs to get across.

The next puzzle is another pretty easy one to solve. There’s a small body of water and two logs to the side. You can get across here with just one log, but if you fuse the two together with Ultrahand, as shown in the image above, you can have an easier time getting across the channel. Once over there you will be greeted by a larger body of water to get across.

This one was tricky for me. Thankfully, in Tears of The Kingdom, all of these puzzles are intended to be solved however the player sees fit. Nintendo has given a lot of freedom in how to approach everything within the game. Hopefully, when you see MY solution to the puzzle you’ll see the magnificence of how this system works. And if worst comes to worst you can use my shoddy solution to complete the dungeon.

IMG 6039 1

That’s right. I stood one log up vertically and glued another one on it horizontally, then I used my Ultrahand to get the pieces across the body of water so it would hang off the edge. This allowed Link to jump, grab onto the hanging log, and climb up to the end of the shrine.

How did you solve Tajikats Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Comment below and let us know!

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