10 Punny Skins We’d Like to See in Fall Guys

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the game that everyone’s talking about. Players take control of one of up to 60 small, adorable characters called “beans” as they compete to be the last one standing in a tricky, physics-defying obstacle course. One of the game’s most appealing elements is its skins, cosmetic upgrades which allow players to dress up their beans as anything from a giant chicken to a fearsome tiger to Half Life protagonist Gordon Freeman.

The game’s developers have indicated that they will continue to add more skins in future update. Here are ten skins that we’d love to see added to the game, inspired by some of our favorite puns:

Honorable Mentions: Fall Guys and Dolls (breaks out into song mid-course), Falling In Love Guy (showers his competitors with hearts, flowers and chocolates), Fall Guy Standing (is somehow sitting down in every screenshot taken of him), Fallacy Guy (always points out what is wrong with your arguments)

10. Niagara Falls Guy

Unlike his fellow competitors, he also prefers maple sugar candy over jellybeans


Clad only in a somewhat worn-down barrel, this experienced daredevil is probably the only entry on this list who actually has any chance of winning. The downside is that he has really strong opinions on why the Canada side of Niagara Falls is preferable to the New York side, and just Will. Not. Shut. Up. about it.

9. Jimmy Fallon Guy

You shouldn’t eat the beans, but this one would probably taste like hair gel. Or peanut butter cookie dough


This Guy can only be selected for races which are run in the middle of the night, and gets an extra boost when competing on Saturday nights. He knows all the best jokes, and comes with his very own backup soundtrack. Rumor has it that he’s got pretty weird tastes in ice cream, though.

8. Fall Guy In Your MFA

His novel is probably titled “The Unbearable Lightness of Bean”


This bean Is working on the “Great American Novel,” although he never seems to be any closer to finishing it. It’s about a twenty-something bean who lives in New York City and is in love with a beautiful, quirky, unobtainable female bean who is secretly the personification of his inability to win a single match.

7. Falling For It Guy

Fall7 1
He belongs to a society with members all around the globe


Falling For It Guy believes so strongly that the Earth is flat that he refuses to run uphill, making him a pretty terrible choice to play as. Plus, he thinks that the obstacle courses were designed by the Illuminati, with help from the underground lizard people. Or maybe the man in the moon with his secret doppelgänger army. You’re not quite sure, and neither is he.

6. Fall Guy Fawkes

He may not be the most useful bean, but hey, at least he’s got a cool hat


This Guy’s secret power is setting things on fire. He’s frequently disqualified from competitions, usually for blowing up the course. Or himself. Or the other players, somehow. But hey, he’s one of the few beans in the game who can claim to have educational value. Remember, remember, he gets a bonus if you play as him on the fifth of November.

5. “Fall” Guy

Unfortunately, this bean is only available for like a month or two out of the year


He’d much rather be called “Autumn Guy,” but he can’t get the name to stick. He rocks that classic glasses-and-scarf-and-sweater combo which somehow never goes out of style. Has never consumed a single food or drink item that isn’t pumpkin spice flavored. His Starbucks tab is the stuff of legends.

4. Fall Guybrush Threepwood

This bean comes in seven exciting varieties!


Always introducing himself as “the infamous mighty pirate,” even though most his fellow beans have never heard of him before. Generally clever and good at avoiding obstacles, he seems like a good choice until your realize he frequently stops mid-course to examine every single element of his environment before moving on.

3. Fallout Guy

The cheeriest of beans!


This bean has played every single Fallout game. Yes, even 76. And Fallout Shelter. And Fallout Pinball. And Brotherhood of Steel. Thinks that Vault Boy deserves to be in Smash Bros. Ultimate as more than just a Mii skin, and sees his own inclusion in Fall Guys as a poor substitute. Is absolutely unbeatable at the “Hoarders” minigame.

Plus, Gameluster’s very own Tim made some concept art of how this skin might look:


2. Fall Guy Fieri

Gonna be honest I would pretty much ALWAYS play with this skin


A powerful Guy with a unique sense of fashion, who’s always threatening to “send his opponents straight to Flavortown”….whatever that means. By far the most meme-able of the Guys, he has a tendency to let his popularity get to his rather spiky head. Also constantly refers to the various obstacle courses as “dives” – how rude!

Again, here’s Tim’s amazing concept art for this skin:

Fall Fieri

1. Fall Out Boy Guy

Cool tattoos not included. Jean jacket DEFINITELY included


People are often surprised to hear that this Guy is even still around. He tends to go down, down in the earlier rounds of the competition, but that’s okay, because he’ll be remembered for centuries and rise like a phoenix in the next game. Just don’t let him give a speech if he wins – it’s almost impossible to tell what he’s saying.

And hey, Fall Out Boy themselves support the idea…so get on it, Mediatonic!

What do you think of these ten pun-tastic skins? Which ones would you like to see added to the game? Did we forget any of your favorites? What other pun-derful skins can you come up with? Let us know!

Plus, don’t forget – if you’re interested in trying out Fall Guys, it can be purchased for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. It is also currently available for free for those with a membership to the PlayStation Plus subscription service. Happy falling!

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