What are the world of warcraft classes? A complete list

In World of Warcraft, there are several classes to choose from (12 to be exact), and you should ensure you have the ideal class for you before you venture out into the big wide world of WoW.

We’ve put this guide together to provide some basics on what each of Blizzard’s WoW classes can do to help you decide which one fits your playstyle.


Death Knight

First up are the melee-ranged undead troops that are slow on their feet, but are solid fighters.

In combination with double swords, these fighters can slow down targets to deal group-wide damage. Boils, plagues, and monsters are used by Unholy Death Knights that help to defeat enemies. Blood Death Knights, on the other hand, tank and absorb damage for their allies, enabling them to heal during attacks and spread blood plagues to their rivals.


Demon hunter

Demon hunters are half-elf and half-demon and can use their wings to glide around the realm, plus they can double jump. Their class uses close melee attacks that deal quickly and moves pretty fast. Quick movement and big hits are the traits of a Havoc Demon Hunter.



Druids connect with the earth, which enables them to take various forms to meet their requirements. Ranged DPS, melee damage, healing, and tanking make Druids a great hybrid class.



Hunters are the rangers of the world of warcraft, regarded as the pet-trackers and trackers of the realm. Although they kill enemies with their own tools, natural elements come quickly to Hunters, different from Druids.



Arcane arts are where mages excel the most, using various elements to dispel and cast spells wherever they lay their hat.



Martial arts are Monks’ skills, and their role is to use more traditional weapons such as poles or sticks to take down their enemies.



Paladins facilitate their connection with the Light and channel them into their weapons to become holy warriors. They wear heavy armor possessing heaps of power, making them appear knights rather than barbaric fighters.



Holy mages wearing cloths are Monks’ initial appearance, and similar to Paladins, they defend and destroy foes using the Light.



Next up, we have rogues, who are seen as the criminals and thieves that hide behind the shadows of the world. Rogues are masters of poison, traps, and, most importantly, stealth. Rogues are regarded as the World of warcraft spymasters and assassins because they will never be heard nor seen unless they intend to be.



Shamans fill the Druids mentioned above’ elemental side, mainly because Druids harmonize with nature, whereas Shamans control every element individually. Shamans have the ability to heal themselves using rain, summon storms, and smash enemies with rocks.



Warlocks are able to twist the world to their will using mysterious and dark magic. They can summon massive armies to control and corrupt and destroy anything that enters their path. Warlocks that can take down enemies from afar using fire are known as Destruction Warlocks, whereas Warlocks that inflict damage with time-spells to create a rotation that’s both high efficiency and high maintenance are regarded as Affliction warlocks. Lastly, Warlocks that spawn waves of demons to use at their will are called Demonology Warlocks.



Finally, warriors are the bullish and typical fighters that you’d expect to appear in any barbaric fantasy setting. Massive armor, huge axes, and twirling blades are what make a Warrior worth checking out.


We hope you’ll have a better understanding of which class is right for you, but feel free to leave a comment below and we can reply as soon as possible.


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