10 Video Game Rabbits To Spend Easter With Instead of Zipper the Bunny

Easter’s on the way, and Zipper the Bunny is preparing to make his annual visit to players’ Animal Crossing: New Horizons island homes. Usually, the Easter Bunny’s coming is seen as a joyful occasion. But Zipper’s blank-eyed stare, angry tone of voice and “I’d rather be anywhere but here” causes many islanders to see his visit as a terrifying time rather than a happy (or would that be “hoppy”?) one. Not to mention, his constantly appearing eggs make it harder than ever to catch rare and valuable fish.

Luckily, many other video games feature rabbit or rabbit-inspired characters who could easily take Zipper’s place. Here’s ten which would be a lot more fun to celebrate Easter with on your island – plus a few that wouldn’t.

Worse Than Zipper: Nabbit (New Super Mario Bros. U) for stealing everything he can find, Lagomorph (Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward) for constantly coming up with insulting nicknames, Bunny Ariana Grande (Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius) for being the bizarrest possible choice to add to a mobile gacha game, and Bonnie and Springtrap (Five Nights at Freddy’s) for somehow managing to be even more terrifying than Zipper – not to mention all the murders.

10. Usami – Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Bunny Usami
The most magical bunny around!

Usami is an adorable Magical Miracle Girl of a bunny who just wants to spread hope and make sure all of her students have the best class trip possible. She’d definitely throw a fun Easter party, complete with unique presents and lots of fun activities. Unfortunately, there’s a risk that comes with inviting Usami to your island – it’s possible her programming could get hijacked and she could turn into the despair-spreading Monomi instead!

9. The Rabbids – Rayman Raving Rabbids

Bunny Rabbids
The life of the party

The Rabbids are loud, crazy, and love to have fun above all else. There’s tons of different Rabbids you could invite, including some very special ones inspired by Mario, Princess Peach and their friends from the Mushroom Kingdom. If the attendance of your Easter party is a little sparse, definitely invite the Rabbids, because once one of them knows about it, every single one of them will want to come along!

8. Peppy Hare – Star Fox

Bunny Peppy
Has celebrated many an Easter in his time

Peppy’s an older rabbit who has probably seen many Easter celebrations in his time. He knows how to throw the perfect party and he isn’t afraid to tell you exactly how to plan it and set it up. He won’t necessarily help out himself, but he’ll sit in the cockpit of his ship and give you helpful instructions, so what more could you ask for? You might question what doing a barrel roll has to do with celebrating Easter, but who are you to question Peppy’s knowledge?

7. Jessica Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Bunny Jessica
She’ll do it right

Okay, okay. This one is a bit of a stretch – Who Framed Roger Rabbit is best known for its film version. However, it did get a video game adaptation, so the sultry songstress Jessica Rabbit technically counts for this list. She’d bring a touch of class to your island’s Easter party, and might even be persuaded to perform one of her signature songs in front of an adoring audience. Plus, with Jessica, there’s no risk of her acting up at Easter – after all, she’s not bad, just drawn that way!

6. Jazz Jackrabbit – Jazz Jackrabbit

Bunny Jazz
The Easter Egg hunt champion

Jazz Jackrabbit knows lots of other bunnies, so he’s another invitee who could make sure that your Easter party is well-attended. Plus, his many years of experience traversing huge platforming levels means that he’d be a great competitor in traditional Easter games, from the sack race to the egg-and-spoon race to, of course, the traditional Easter egg hunt. As a bright green rabbit – or rather, hare – Jazz would fit right in with the Easter decorations on your island.

5. Panne & Yarne – Fire Emblem: Awakening

Bunny PanneYarne
An adorable family of bunnies

Panne and Yarne are the last remaining members of the Taguel, a race of shapeshifters capable of transforming into giant, deadly yet somehow still adorable rabbits. Between Panne’s aloof personality and Yarne’s cowardice, they might not be the first bunnies you think of inviting to a party. But both of them definitely need to lighten up and learn how to have a little fun, and where better to do that than at an island Easter party? Plus, Panne’s warrior strength and combat-ready personality could help drive out unwanted guests (like Zipper).

4. Buneary, Bunnelby, Scorbunny & More – Pokemon

Bunny Pokemon
Gotta celebrate with ’em all!

There’s tons of rabbit-inspired Pokemon through the generations, from the fluffy-eared Buneary to the fiery soccer lover Scorbunny and its evolutionary chain. There’s even enough to make a full bunny-themed team to engage in some seasonal Pokemon battles (although we can’t promise that it will necessarily be a very balanced team, type-wise.) Which bunny Pokemon should you invite? Well, why choose just one? Bring all of them along – the more the merrier! Gotta party with ’em all!

3. Cream the Rabbit – Sonic the Hedgehog

Bunny Cream
She’ll invite the Chao, too!
Cream’s cheerful and friendly personality makes her a perfect choice to play the role of the Easter Bunny. Sonic’s kind rabbit friend would easily become the life of any party. Plus, Cream can talk to small creatures called Chaos, and would bring her Chao friends with her to the party. And Chaos are sort of shaped like Easter eggs, don’t you think? Do you think Cream would let her friends play the starring role in an Easter egg hunt?

2. Bunny Hood Link / Bunny Link – The Legend of Zelda

Bunny Link
The fastest bunny around!

The Hero of Hyrule isn’t technically a rabbit, but A Link to the Past’s Dark World revealed that the reflection of his true self is an adorable pink bunny, so he counts. Whether he’s simply wearing the Bunny Hood or dressed up in his full Bunny form, Link’s skill with searching (and destroying) every part of his environment would allow him to easily win an Easter egg hunt. Just be careful – the Bunny Hood gives Link an extra burst of speed, so you might not be able to keep up!

1. Fran – Final Fantasy XII

Bunny Fran
A warrior AND a cute bunny!

There’s no better bunny to spend Easter with than this proud warrior of the Viera. Fran is fun to spend time with and would probably have tons of great stories from her life as a sky pirate and her adventures saving the world. And if Zipper dared to sneak onto your island, Fran’s skills with both magics and weapons would definitely keep him away. Plus, she could even use her archery skills to pop traveling balloons for you and earn you some cool presents!

Which video game bunny will you be spending Easter with? Are there any you think should have made this list? Let us know!

GameLuster wishes all of our readers a very Happy Easter and a bright, pleasant Spring!

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