11 Bit Studios Announces Shift to Unreal Engine

Polish developer and publisher 11 bit studios have announced their full transition to the use of Unreal Engine, the widely used game engine from Epic Games. Specifically noting Unreal Engine 4 and 5, 11 bit have announced ten upcoming projects to be developed using the two engines. These projects will be developed both internally and externally, under 11 bit’s own publishing banner.

11 bit studios particularly celebrated the flexibility of their new partnership with Epic. Even with ten projects already slated, the Polish developers have the opportunity to add more as time goes on, switching between Unreal Engine 4 and 5 as they wish. Przemyslaw Marszal, CEO of 11 bit studios, expressed high hopes for the studio’s future with Unreal: “The brand new tech of the 5th generation is impressive, and we’re excited that we might use it to its full potential in our new games.”

Known for notable indie titles like Moonlighter, This War of Mine, and the Frostpunk series, 11 bit studios has a long history of making impactful games. With the switch from a proprietary engine to Unreal, 11 bit anticipate significant advancements in the games they make. Not just graphically, but in terms of storytelling as well. To this end, the studio shared a short, atmospheric video of their first game in development on the new engine, codenamed “Project 8.”

In the short teaser, dubbed “A Moment of Unease,” the camera slowly encroaches upon what appears to be the dilapidated ruins of some sort of temple. Crumbled walls and pillars stand betwixt torn awnings. Vertical bunches of rocks float above each pillar. An ominous blue glow radiates from the night sky. Most interestingly, the entire scene is accurately shadowed, floating rocks and all. Project 8’s first clip serves as a tech demo, showcasing what 11 bit studios can do with Unreal Engine.

This video, exhibiting Project 8’s art direction and sense of atmosphere, are all that 11 bit studios could share about the game for now. No release window has been given, but the publisher has promised to reveal more details about some of their upcoming projects in 2022.

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