3 Companies That Know How to Make a Great Sequel (Part 2)

In part 1 of ‘Game Companies That Make Great Sequels’, we gave a shout out to 3 awesome companies that are known for putting out some pretty bad-ass game franchises. In part 2, we’re going to be shining a spotlight on a few that weren’t mentioned previously, but still totally deserve to make the list! These are companies that drew us in with their addicting game play, beautiful environment and of course, a captivating storyline worthy of 2, 3 or in some cases more games.

FromSoftware – Souls Series

Captivating fans with jaw-dropping (and sometimes terrifying) worlds since 1986, FromSoftware is known primarily for it’s Souls and Demon Souls franchise. Critically acclaimed for it’s challenging game play and dark storytelling, the games are known for being highly-immersive. In other words, say goodbye to hours of your life the minute you pick up the controller. But, with lots of space to free-roam within the world, rich storytelling/lore and tons of ways to build and customize your character, you can consider it completely worth it! This is a strong company that began garnering fans with their earlier work such as Armored Core and to this day, makes it difficult for any other company to get on par with them. Whether it’s Demon Souls, Dark Souls or the company’s newer world, Bloodborne, FromSoftware is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fantastical RPG’s.

Rockstar Games Inc. – Grand Theft Auto Series

Founded in 1998, Rockstar is known for various awesome franchises including Max Payne and Red Dead. However, its highest selling series is by far Grand Theft Auto which has sold over 235 million copies and released 11 full-length games. A series known for it’s vast open-world gameplay and controversial content, GTA games are chock-full of bad-ass characters that make us want to help them in their totally justifiable plot to climb the criminal ladder, give the cops a run for their money any chance we get and have us laughing at every crude joke said. Rockstar is a great example of a company that makes characters who are both funny, compelling and interesting. With every Rockstar game, we get a well-developed unique protagonist who is dealing with their own personal struggle. It definitely makes for a game that we can always count on to be much more than just a fun sandbox to mess around in.

Square Soft/Enix – Final Fantasy Series

Square Enix has been around longer than most companies we see today. Its most well-known game franchise is Final Fantasy, with a total of 15 main games under it’s belt. However, the most renowned games from this series include FF XV and FF X which also happen to be the highest grossing games of the company, earning 11.14 million and 8.05 million respectively! What makes a game franchise so enticing that it keeps people coming back for nearly 30 years? In this case, it definitely has to do with the alluring graphics that somehow always top its predecessor and characters that have a knack for making you deeply attached to them. Whether it’s Zach making the ultimate sacrifice to protect his friend or the sweetness of Tidus and Yuna’s relationship amidst a real sucky situation, there are so many other amazing moments in this long-running franchise that deserves a list all on it’s own.

What did you think of part 2 of Companies That Know How to Make Great Sequels? Let us know with a comment down below!


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