Niantic Provides Update on Articuno and Return of Battery Saver Mode

Niantic, the developers behind Pokemon Go, have released a statement on their Facebook page addressing some the latest issues surrounding the game.

They started off by unveiling that Pokemon Go is now available in Central and South America, just in time for the Rio Olympics.

Furthermore, the post went on to address the removal of the battery saver mode. Niantic stated, “We had removed this feature as several users were experiencing it to be buggy, but we are fairly confident that a fix for this should roll out within the next several days.”

Niantic also commented on the recent discovery of legendary Pokemon Articuno, which was obtained by a few players. Niantic mentioned that Articuno and possible other legendary Pokemon had been “erroneously been granted to some Trainers” and that Niantic was able to “locate them and bring them home safely”.

Niantic finished off their Facebook post by stressing that although they continue to work on fixing bugs, their priority continues to be launching the game globally.

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