In a time before the kids argued about their PlayStation 4’s and their Xbox ONE’s and before the Internet flame wars. There was only one console war and this war wasn’t between Sony and Microsoft it was between Sega and Nintendo. While most of us know this war has long since finished and that Nintendo was the victor, it still doesn’t devoid people from writing tales of one of the greatest technological rivalries from the 80’s- 2000’s

(The Novel Cover, Author )



The movie interpretation of the novel surfaced on IGN as a rumour two years ago, however its legitimacy was recently confirmed when Atlantic Books’ publishing annouced that the film rights to the novel had been sold. A recent press release describes the novels story as “a riveting behind-the-scenes business thriller that chronicles how Sega, a small, scrappy gaming company led by an unlikely visionary, took on the juggernaut Nintendo and revolutionized the video game industry”. The story has also been playfully summarised by SegaBitz as “The Social Network meets Rocky, and SEGA is the good guy,”


The film version of the novel is going to be developed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Scott Rudin, known for The Truman Show, Moneyball, and more recently The Social Network. The film is also going to be directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (Superbad, Pineapple Express & This Is The End). Both these directors are known to be avid gamers and also provide a foreword at the beginning of the original novel so you know they have a love of the source material. Also to be noted is the fact that the author Blake J. Harris is working on the film as an executive producer so we can also hope for a faithful retelling.

So what do you think? Is the film going to be a great representation of the industries history, or will it be a bomb? Also do you think the fact that Sony is producing the film may cause the film to show bias against Nintendo?

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