Deus Ex is receiving the Revision treatment.

What could society do to make the perfect year 2000 cyberpunk game of Deus Ex even more perfect?

Modder1: Up-to-date graphics?

Modder 2: Nah,that doesn’t cut now it days.

Modder 1: Reimagining of the environments?

Modder 2: Yeah that could work,but that isn’t ambitious enough to be a big deal.

Modder 1: What about including community-made mods within this reimaging?

Modder 2: Sure. But who the heck is going to real care about that when you get just the mods individually?

Modder 1: I got an pitch,how about adding a whole new soundtrack over the existing one. This will make a perfect…Revision.

Modder 2: You my friend,deserve a cookie.

Yup folks,someone is finally making an updated version of one of the most acclaimed games of the last decade. The homies at Caustic Creative are going further than most by not only adding updated graphical fluidity; but also including reimaging of environments, community-made mods,and a whole new soundtrack to be put in place of the existing one. Yeah,that’s how big of balls they got. To improve a texture or a character model is one thing. But to overhaul the whole music and put in a new one. Jee wiz,these guys got balls of steel.

The mod will be available on some-time in 2014,but if you a quick look at what is to be an awesome reimaging of the game from a fans’s perspective,you can check out the demo here.

Here’s the website!

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