Two days after launching its Kickstarter Campaign, GaymerX2 reached its $10,000 funding goal. This will be the second annual convention that celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer gaming community, however everyone and anyone is welcome.


The event will last three days, celebrating diversity and inclusivity within the gaming community, and will include talks with developers as well as leaders within the LGBTQ community. Special quests to look forward to include Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, BioWare’s David Gaider, and writer Mattie Brice, renowned critic and writer. The convention will also host musical talents Virt, 2Mellow, and Aethernaught, who are booked to perform live at the event.


Last year, the convention was a huge success, with over 2300 gamers from all over the world coming together to celebrate being themselves as well as a love of games. There was even a wedding proposal between partners Koen and Chris, sung to them by the lovely Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS. This year’s event will see the completion of their story, as the convention will be hosting their wedding during the event.


Backers can still donate to the event, as though it has reached its goal, the Kickstarter campaign is FAR from over, with 29 days still to go at time of writing. You can also donate in Doge Coins if you are so inclined. No, seriously, you can.

The event will be held at the San Francisco InterContinental Hotel, and will run from July 11-13.


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