A Fan Has Customized Their PS5 With A ‘The Last Of Us’ Theme

A fan of The Last Of Us has customized their PS5 console to match the post-pandemic theme of Naughty Dog’s hit game. The once pristine white console has been utterly transformed by the artist, embellished with a painstakingly accurate moss-covered brick wall composition. 

The console’s faceplates and sides feature both the game’s title and the iconic symbol of the Fireflies. Not only is the console is staggeringly pretty and highly realistic to look at for its various angles, but the artist also gives the lifelike impression that Sony’s fifth console has been reclaimed by mother nature. 

The original post can be seen below in its all meticulously glorious detail, a point the artist, who goes by the name of retro_licker on Instagram, details in their description to the post, citing that the project “really took it out of me, as a person, as an artist, and as a gamer.”

“I can safely say I’ve done something no one else has done, or even want or dare to do!” they added, later confirming they had “a few more projects on the go that are going to knock your socks off.”

The faceplates were shared yesterday by Reddit user u/Noctography, and can be found in the r/thelastofus subreddit. Other fan artwork ranges from a tattoo of a clicker to a GTA-style title sequence for The Last Of Us Part II, and also includes art of Ellie and Joel reimagined as Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey for the upcoming HBO adaptation.

The two former Game Of Thrones stars were recently selected to play these leading roles. Pascal is more recently known for his work in Narcos and The Mandalorian

Meanwhile, the series pilot recently received a new director, with Kantemir Balagov taking the reins for the opening episode after Chernobyl and The Walking Dead director Johan Renck stepped down due to scheduling conflicts.

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