A Fan Reveals Hidden Animation Tricks in The Last Of Us 2

A Youtuber, Speclizer, has revealed hidden details beyond the boundaries in various moments throughout The Last Of Us Part II. Speclizer has hijacked the game’s camera to travel anywhere they want at any moment in the game, allowing them to reveal some hidden details most of us would never see.

The latest clip is the fourth in the “Out of Bounds Requests” series to be uploaded by the creator since last month. The first request came from a user asking what happens to Ellie at the end of the game, after leaving the guitar at the window and leaving the house to walk off the farm. Ellie leaves the room, entering a bathroom.

At that point, she simply disappears, and the camera takes us onto the farm outside, where Ellie reappears with her bag and begins walking off the farm. It’s as interesting as it is slightly eerie to discover that Ellie’s animation stops as the credits roll.

In another clip, users ask whether or not Joel is actually behind the door during Ellie’s PTSD dream sequence. As she runs down the stairs, we can hear Joel’s cries, but in actual fact, Joel is not actually in the room. The camera morphs through the door into an empty room. It turns out Joel’s shouting was a recording added over the scene.

Other clips give us insights into the burnt-out tank Ellie and Dina find during Day 1 in Seattle and some gruesome close-up details of Jerry’s corpse at the hospital. There’s even a clip detailing the animation for Alice the dog after Ellie fell through the ventilation shaft. Alice is waiting just beyond the hallway as she hears Ellie crash through the vent. Alice’s barking is recorded over the scene before the dog animates and runs at Ellie.

We’d be here a while if we were to discuss each sequence, but needless to say, for fans of The Last Of Us Part II, these clips are highly worth a watch.  

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