A movie about Dota 2 is coming out soon.

Dota 2 is finally getting it’s own film! Nah just joking,it’s a documentary. It’s close enough though.

This new Dota 2 documentary produced by Valve called “Free-To-Play”; revolves around 3 professional Dota players that showcases their real life struggles of being professional gamers. The three pro-gamers featured are unkriane gamer “Dendi”,  Singaporean player”HyHy”,and America gamer athlete “Fear”. The film shows the pro and cons of being an professional gamer and the things they have to sacrifice to become what they are as they go to one of biggest gaming tournaments in history. The movie goes beyond showing how practice went one day and gives deeper understanding of what even professional gamers and their friends and family have to go through.Both financially and psychologically.

The film will be released on March 19th on Steam for users to watch for free. But if you prefer to watch your films in a big wide screen, auditorium style. You can fly,drive,or in my case walk to the Castro Theater in San Francisco to witness a special screening of the movie where they will be doing an Q&A session after the film on March 18th. Tickets are here! 

Intense poster bro.

This movie is cool and all,I will for sure watch it when it comes out on Steam,but I have to get something off my chest first. And no,i am not ripping off my chest air.

In the trailer,where you can see below,a guy says “10 years,competitive gaming wasn’t even a thing.Now your trying to be the best in the world.” This statement is utterly false. My only hypothesis on why this guy said that is because maybe he didn’t know about the competitive gaming scene in 2004,or he is just trying to make professional Dota seem bigger than it actual is (which it is). Back in 2004, Halo 2 competitive was booming since the success of first Halo. Back in 2004, Guitar Hero competitions were just starting up with people seeing who could complete Expert perfectly. And back in 2004,the gaming world’s eyes were on Unreal Tournament 2004 with number 1 computer gamer Fatal1ty,entering the professional ring. There was of course,other games that had competitions running with professional gamers earning real hard earn cash. But if I haven’t made it clear already,professional existed way long ago. I will admit though,ever since the rise of MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends,competitive gaming has sky rocketed. But it surely existed 10 years and even years before that. Funny thing is,when the guy is saying that,the trailer is showing clips of people playing Counter Strike. #Sad.

A quickie trailer that is actually quite good. (Except the part where that guy said that one statement)


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