Get a Doom Beta code when you Pre-Order the new Wolfenstien

Today marked a new trailer for the 3rd installment of Wolfenstein. The new trailer showcased some of the heroes and villains for the next Nazi-Killing Simulator. But for whatever reason,if you still needed an excuse to pre-order the game so you can solve your Nazi-Killing itch Bethesda has promised that you will receive access to the next Doom game beta. Yeah,the next DOOM game. I would never thought that I live to see the day when another Doom game would grace this very planet. The game has been in-development over at id for over six years,with the game constantly evolving and being changed. But now we have a little nod that Doom will in-fact be coming soon. Doom beta codes will be found in boxes of the new Wolfernstein game when you pre-order the game.

Let us all pry at night not for our health and safety for ourselves and love ones,let’s pry that the wait for the new Wolfenstein and Doom game was worth the wait.

Here is cool trailer for the new Wolfenstein game.



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