A new Hitman game is here. But not the one you hoped.

Square Enix Montreal announced that there is a new Hitman game coming soon. But it’s not the Hitman game you were expecting.

Square Enix Montreal formed a small team to develop a exclusive iOS and Android Hitman game. Oh,but it gets better. With the shortage of beer and poker money the small team had on hand,they decided they wanted to live out their dreams of making a turn-based strategy Hitman game. So they did.

The spin-off game is known as Hitman GO,and thus far there isn’t any news on when the game is coming out. But the important question is,they haven’t announced whether the game would be free, but filled with ads and microtransactions; or be paid for and still be filled with ads and microtransactions.

I enjoy spin-offs,and if this Hitman spin-off is done correctly and has originality. I sure will be a welcome addition to the Hitman Franchise.

Source: GameSpot.com

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