A Youtuber has discovered a skin that makes players invisible in Warzone. Youtuber Scop3s recently went into detail about the ‘Forest Spirit’ GRINCH skin, which includes a ghillie suit and bathing shorts. Yes, that’s correct, bathing shorts, of all things. According to Scop3s, the suit bestows players with the gift of invisibility at up to 34 meters, provided an enemy is not aiming down their sights. 

At 34m, a player wearing the GRINCH skin will be entirely invisible save for their head and gun. Scop3s clarifies that distance to players,  as well as scope types, will affect the efficiency of the skin in action. The GRINCH skin is only available if you purchase the Eloko bundle for 1,800 COD points, meaning it is seen as a “pay to win” skin, like the Rook skin.

Its not just this skin that’s been causing problems. The controversial Roze skin, released as part of Season 5’s battle pass and unlockable if you reach Tier 100, has been causing problems for many dropping into Verdansk. The skin is entirely black and is ideal for those adopting a stealth approach on the battlefield – although less effective for the more dramatic, guns blazing style, (my method in Warzone). 

If you take a look at the Warzone subreddit, there are multiple posts demonstrating the skin in action, with one player being killed by an unseen opponent concealed against a bookshelf, and almost perfectly. Other clips show players single-handedly taking down whole teams of those using Roze skins. And, there are plenty of discussions on the significant disadvantages players face against the skin in low-light environments. 

For those looking to take a break from Warzone, the latest trailer for Firebase Z, the new zombies map trailer in Black Ops Cold War was released on January 28. 

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is out now and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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