A “Recovery Road Map” Is In Place For Call Of Duty 2021

Activision are implementing a “recovery road map” according to a prominent industry leaker for this year’s Call Of Duty title, with growing fears that the title will fail to perform commercially.

Tom Henderson, who made recent predictions about a modern-day setting for GTA 6, stated via his Twitter account that Activision will release “a new premium Call of Duty title…this year,” while the studio was also fully aware that “it wouldn’t perform that well (“recovery road map” is already in place).”

Henderson also refers to a DMCA, which relates to an earlier response to Twitter user, Soapkai, who reportedly received a DMCA takedown via Discord after leaking information about this year’s Call Of Duty game. According to Henderson, the DMCA takedown request appears “legitimate”, but “does not confirm or deny anything.”

Henderson adds that “Activision has a tendency to issue DMCA’s falsely and IMO, we should have seen more DMCA’s issued to people covering it.”

The leaks originated on 4Chan, suggesting that the next title, rumoured to be titled Call Of Duty: Vanguard and set within World War 2, would be delayed due to development issues. 

According to the information seen in the post below from Zesty – News & Leaks, the game has been deemed as potentially “unreleasable”. Of course, take this with a pinch of salt. Until official word is received from Activision themselves, everything is still to play for.


Call Of Duty 2021 is strongly linked to return to the franchise’s World War 2 roots, with other leaks and speculation suggesting a connection to the Korean War. With Sledgehammer Game attached to the project, there’s a strong chance this year’s title will return to the past, given that they developed 2017’s Call Of Duty WWII.

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Kanye East
Kanye East
3 years ago

Just delay it, people will keep buying the last two for a while anyway.