Tomb Raider 2 Fan Remake Shows Off Quad Bike Race Gameplay

PC Tomb Raider fans can continue to experience and enjoy entirely new parts of Tomb Raider 2 with Nicobass‘ ongoing remake.

The Tomb Raider: The Dagger of Xian project from Nicobass has been in development for the last few years, but recently new work in progress gameplay debuted showing a quad bike race. As it is currently a work in progress, we do not know exactly when fans can expect to see this section of the remake finished.

In a recent tweet, Nicobass said: “many elements of the Croft Manor like the quad bike race are directly inspired by TR3,” as the quad bike wasn’t actually in the original 1997 Tomb Raider 2, but in 1998’s Tomb Raider 3.

The gameplay has Lara in her ‘Croft Manor Sport III’ gear, revamped for the updated game design, so there is no more pixel Lara! The footage shows Lara driving the quad bike around a dirt track tackling various bumps, twists, jumps, and bends along the way. It is complete with the accompanying bike noises and animations!

For fans who are hoping for a full game remake, it is a bit of a grey area. Previously, Nicobass stated: “I still see some people talking about the full game, but there’s no any full game’s coming, the demo is the full game at this current state.” However, keen contributors have recently chimed in eager to help make it a possibility.

Keep an eyes out for when Nicobass announces the completed quad bike addition to the game!

Elsewhere for Tomb Raider, there are a lot of monthly celebrations for the different games on the official Tomb Raider social media accounts for the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Currently, they have just finished reminiscing on Tomb Raider 3. You can also see our feature on the history of Tomb Raider and the future of the franchise.

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