A Total War Saga: Troy Free On Epic Games Store For 24 Hours

For the next 24 hours, the newly released A Total War Saga: Troy is free to download from the Epic Games store. Usually priced at $50, the PC exclusive is free until August 14, 08:00. The offer extends to anyone, as long as you create an Epic Games account.

This deal was announced in June, along with the game’s one-year Epic Games exclusivity deal. In a further blog post in July, the developers spoke about the deal and what we can expect to see in the title, saying:

Right now, the team’s focused on creating the best campaign experience we can as we get ready for release; but post-launch we have a lot of plans for Troy, and some of those will be taking advantage of new features as they come online with the Epic Game Store […] Our focus is on getting you that opportunity to grab it for free first and foremost.

While the game will return to its usual $50 price tag tomorrow morning, the developers have also announced a further deal. Total War Access account holders will get the September “Amazons” update free for a limited time, although they have not specified when that deal will go live, or how long it will last.

Outside of that, the devs have also outlined a roadmap of four more updates planned for the rest of 2020, including two rounds of DLC and multiplayer launching in November.

With mod support recently coming to the Epic Games Store, it was also announced that A Total War Saga: Troy would offer full mod support from launch.

A Total War Saga: Troy was released today, and is a follow up to 2019’s Total War: Three Kingdoms. It is a limited time Epic Games exclusive and is set to make its way to Steam in August of next year.

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