Activision Files Lawsuit Against Cheat Site CxCheats.Net

Video game cheat maker,, has issued an apology to the Call Of Duty community for disrupting the game for legitimate players. In a lengthy message via their official Discord, they revealed that Activision had filed a lawsuit against them, citing that their services “violate their Terms Of Use.”

As a result of the lawsuit, would “cease development and support for all Call Of Duty related products of services sold through the site.”

Shared via the Call Of Duty: Warzone subreddit, the screenshot, (snapped by Redditor MrTheRevertz), of the Discord message has since removed by its moderators.

While no longer advertises any Call Of Duty cheats, (which included everything from radar size modifications to aimbots), mods for Apex Legends and PUBG remain available.

The site further sold It also sold a Modern Warfare lobby tool. A clip promoting the tool has been removed from YouTube by Activision due to a copyright claim.

Activision suing popular hacking installation website
by u/MrTheRevertz- in CODWarzone

Recently, new details were revealed from the Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase for Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. Cold War is set in 1981, featuring iconic characters including Woods and Mason, serving as a direct sequel to 2010’s Black Ops.

This new game is undoubtedly highly innovative, most notably for making characters entirely customizable, with only the players’ imagination limiting what can be achieved.

The showcase unveiled a short sequence from Black Ops: Cold War. The scene focuses on the existence of Perseus, reinforced by a stark warning from Mr Adler. Ronald Reagan later enters the room, permitting a mission to locate and take down Perseus, a suspected Russian spy.

Last week, a gameplay trailer was unveiled to give us the first look at Treyarch and Raven’s joint production of Black Ops: Cold War. For those who tuned into Warzone, they’d have noticed a new mode titled Know Your History in the play menu.

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