Aerial_Knight’s Parkour Runner Never Yield Racing Onto Switch

Announced during today’s all-digital Nintendo Indie World showcase, Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is a parkour-inspired runner which honors the classics while bringing something new to the genre. It is developed by Detroit-based Neil “Aerial_Knight” Jones in collaboration with Headup Games. Headup, a German-based publisher, is best known for the Bridge Constructor series of games. The company’s recent releases also include Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood, Pumpkin Jack, and The Fabled Woods.

In Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, protagonist Wally inhabits a brightly lit, techno-inspired futuristic version of Detroit (with a few elements borrowed from Tokyo). Side-scrolling gameplay through a 3D environment includes jumping, sliding, performing various parkour tricks and, of course, running. Wally’s job is to “save the future” of the city by collecting a series of items from his past, and while we don’t know much about the story yet, the first look trailer hints that he will have to take down some powerful enemies along the way.

Jones was inspired to make Never Yield to combine his love of music and game development, as well as showcase the city of Detroit. He proudly stated that the game represents his creating a space for himself within an industry which he previously felt rejected by.

The game also features an extremely catchy soundtrack, with music by Aerial_Knight’s fellow Detroit-based creator Daniel Wilkins and vocals by various musicians from all around the world.

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on May 19, 2021. A free demo is available to download now via the Nintendo eShop. A PC version is also planned to be released via Steam, presumably on or around the same release date.

What parkour tricks are you looking forward to pulling off when Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield hits the Nintendo Switch later this spring? Let us know!

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