AFK Journey: Reroll Guide


AFK Journey is a Gacha hero collector game set in a fantasy world. Although it sounds quite similar to Genshin Impact, AFK Journey is a lot more relaxing due to its AFK mechanic, where you can passively gain materials. The game is also reroll-friendly, and you can easily obtain Legendary units early in the game.

AFK Journey The Best Characters To Reroll

If you plan to reroll units, it is best to play the game on PC. I also recommend preparing a bunch of emails that you can use to make new accounts. Here are the steps you must follow to reroll in AFK Journey:

  1. Install and launch AFK Journey.
  2. Complete the tutorial section.
  3. Go to the event screen and claim 10 Invite Letters from Journey’s Gift.
  4. Perform a 10 pull on the All-Hero Recruitment Banner.
  5. Progress the main story until you unlock the Growth Path and Mail systems.
  6. Claim your reward and pull on the All-Hero Recruitment Banner again.
  7. If you are dissatisfied, log out and sign in with a new email.

AFK Journey Journeys Gift

Do note that in your first 10 pulls, you are guaranteed to get Cecia. She is a great unit, but there are other amazing characters you may obtain early in the game.

Here are the best units you can get in the game:

  • Best: Smokey & Meerky, Thoran
  • Great: Rowan, Hewynn
  • Good: Granny Dahnie, Eironn

Personally, I don’t really recommend rerolling on AFK Journey. This is because the game is very generous with the summoning system. I actually got a ton of Invitation Letters by simply playing the game, and I managed to get five Legendary heroes without spending my money on microtransactions. You will also get a Select Hero Chest that lets you select one unit from a limited pool when you log in to the game for seven days. 

Unlike regular Gacha games, AFK Journey wants you to get numerous copies of the heroes. The rarity of your unit starts from Elite and can be increased up to Supreme rank. For example, if you want to max out one Legendary character, you need at least eight copies of that hero plus 350 Acorns. So, yeah, just focus on playing the game, and you’ll eventually unlock all the characters in AFK Journey

That’s the end of our guide on how to reroll in AFK Journey. For more interesting content, you can also read our feature article on the most underrated games of 2023.

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