AMD Addresses Stolen Xbox Series X Source Code

On March 25, 2020, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) released a statement discussing graphics codes allegedly stolen by an anonymous hacker in December 2019. According to a spokesperson for AMD, the hacker had already posted some of the stolen code online and threatened to “just leak” the rest of it if they were not able to successfully sell it for profit.

The stolen code was related to several upcoming AMD graphics processing units (GPUs), including the Navi 10, Navi 21, and Arden GPU. “Arden GPU” was believed to be a codename for the as of yet unreleased Microsoft gaming console, the Xbox Series X.

AMD issued multiple takedown notices against software development site GitHub, on which a number of the stolen files were initially hosted. They claimed that the code posted on GitHub contained intellectual property belonging to AMD. GitHub is also opened by Microsoft, the developer of the Xbox Series X. As of now, the files have been removed and have not been re-uploaded.

It is unknown exactly how much the hacker has acquired, and whether the stolen code is full or partial. However, AMD’s official statement showed a lack of concern, despite repeated legal action.

“While we are aware the perpetrator has additional files that have not been made public, we believe the stolen graphics IP is not core to the competitiveness or security of our graphics products. We are not aware of the perpetrator possessing any other AMD IP,” reads the company’s official statement.

The alleged hacker consented to an interview with copyright-related news source TorrentFreak, in which they threatened to leak the remainder of the information which they possessed. They are currently hoping to earn payment in the millions, with $100 million dollars as a stated value for all of the stolen files.

Multiple news sources have reached out to Microsoft for a statement, but the company has so far refused to comment.

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