Warface Has Reached 1 Million Registered Players on the Switch

Russian developer Crytek and My.com’s free-to-play first-person shooter Warface has passed one million registered players on the Nintendo Switch. This accomplishment is especially noticeable as the game is only one month old, having initially released for Switch on February 18, 2020.

Warface’s developer proudly shared a number of statistics regarding the title’s first month on the Switch. In total, registered players have played the title for a combined 83,000 days. Over one million PvE matches have been completed, with PvP totals approaching 500,000. Spec Ops missions scored a distant third with approximately 150,000 completed.

Warface had previously been released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game’s Switch debut was highly unexpected and came as a surprise to many fans. It was the first Nintendo Switch title to be powered by Crytek’s one-of-a-kind CryEngine.

Warface features five playable classes for players to choose from Sniper, Rifleman, Engineer, Medic, and Synthetically Engineered Double (SED). Players can work together in Spec Ops missions or compete against one another in PvP. Additionally, PvE matches set players against a variety of AI-controlled opponents. Two types of in-game currency, Warface Dollars and Vendor Points, are used to purchase weapons, armor, and other items.

Although the game is free-to-play, it does feature a premium currency, termed “Kredits,” which can be used to purchase exclusive weapons as well as character skins.

The shooter has received generally mixed reviews. Many have praised the game’s fast-paced action and diverse playstyle, while others have criticized the game’s decision to differentiate between renting and buying in-game weapons. The inclusion of the premium currency has also seen some criticism.

However, gamers who are looking for some fun, and free, action on the Nintendo Switch (or the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One) can definitely check out Warface.

Have you played Warface? How are you enjoying it? Which class do you prefer to play? Let us know!

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