Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Solve the Turnip Storage Problem

One of the many features which players can enjoy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is “Sow Joan’s Stalk Market,” the ability to earn lots and lots of cash – well, Bells – with the help of a simple vegetable: the turnip. A vendor named Daisy Mae will appear on your island every Sunday, offering turnips at a variable price. Players can then purchase as many turnips as they like, with the hope of later selling them back at a higher price. (You can even sell turnips while visiting a friend’s island, if your own prices are unfavorable.)

This has led to many players buying turnips in bulk and storing them until they can be resold for a profit. However, there is one key problem with this plan: for no clear reason, turnips cannot be kept in your house’s available storage.

Luckily, Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ players are a creative lot. They have developed a number of alternative storage methods capable of housing huge amount of turnips until they are resold. One option is to create a dedicated “turnip room” inside your house. Rather than simply create a plain, unfurnished room with a pile of turnips in the center, players’ creations have ranged from a simulated “field”….

… an elaborate temple….

….to a dark, rather sinister-looking server storage space.

There’s even a doubly useful “turnip bathroom”!

Another alternative is to keep your turnips outside, whether in a fenced-off “field” area or simply lying around between the trees and on the beach.

Some fans have even jokingly related their turnip-filled islands to the current real life trend of “pandemic hoarding” – buying mass amounts of essential supplies due to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 situation.

You can even download these cute fan-created “turnip garden” patterns and use them on your own island, if you too are a fellow hoarder.

Unfortunately, storing your turnips outside may lead to some issues. Isabelle, who manages your island’s rating, might chide you for having “too many items lying around” – and, of course, an overly cluttered island subsequently decreases your rating.

It is possible that Nintendo will respond to this fan complaint in time. Over the past few weeks, the developer has released an unprecedented four patches, each primarily focused on resolving bugs negatively affecting players’ New Horizons experience, and all being popular fan requests.

How have you been storing your turnips? Let us know!

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