Annapurna Interactive Delays Three Games To 2021

Annapurna Interactive, the publisher of a variety of titles including The Outer Wilds, Kentucky Route Zero, Sayonara Wild Hearts, and more, has officially announced that three of its upcoming games have been delayed until 2021. Previously, all three games were scheduled to debut in 2020, although they did not have an official release date.

The three delayed titles are The Artful Escape, 12 Minutes, and Last Stop. Annapurna announced the news in a tweet from its official Twitter account, in which the company indicated that all three games were close to being completed and were currently in the “polishing” phase.

The Artful Escape is described as an “absurd platformer” with a musical theme. It centers around Francis Vendetti, the nephew of music legend Johnson Vendetti, as he struggles to establish a unique musical identity for himself. The idea was first developed by Johnny aka “Galvatron,” lead singer of the band The Galvatrons.

12 MInutes is a top-down murder mystery in which the player must repeat a 12-minute gameplay loop in order learn the truth of the crimes occurring in a couple’s small apartment. It starts actors James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe as the unnamed man, woman and home intruder respectively.

Last Stop is a supernatural adventure set in modern day London. It stars three characters whose worlds collide due to a magical crisis. It has been described as an “anthology drama” which tells the stories of each of the three characters over the course of a single game.

However, fans of Annapurna Interactive need not despair, as the company released several titles in 2020 – most recently The Pathless, an action-adventure game starring a hunter who must lift the curse on her island home. Other 2020 Annapurna titles, including If Found… and Kentucky Route Zero, have received nominations for the upcoming Game Awards event occurring in December.

The three delayed titles are yet to be given a more specific release date.

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