Coming Soon Black Ops 2!

Yet we all expected it…  The COD series has continued! COD: Black Ops 2 already has a release date and you can pre-order it today! (Even though it’s still months away!) This here is UN-imaginable!

The series continues but this time in the future. 2025. Which makes it ever more exciting to see how Trey Arch sees our future! Also the fact that it’s only what? 13 years away. However, in the the game, 13 years from now the world is different. Technology is improving every single day and China has become a world power in the year of 2025. The campaign starts with Alex Mason. Whom you all should know and it continues with his son David Mason. I don’t want to give you all the details, you’ll find out yourself in a few months. But, there are some more improvement. They’re focusing on graphics, the story, villain presentation, and of coarse the future in this game. COD: Black Ops to is expected to be a big hit and has already been pre-ordered by the 1st Person shooter lovers!



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