Are Animal Crossing New Horizons Villagers Hinting at Future Updates?

There’s plenty of things to do and enjoy on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island home. You can chase bugs, harvest fruit, catch fish, donate fossils to the museum and even visit your friends’ islands to exchange furniture, apparel, and other gifts. But, fans have noticed the absence of a few fan-favorite characters and mechanics missing from New Horizons — and, curiously, have also noticed villagers starting to discuss these missing features as of the latest update.

Ever since the game transitioned to Version 1.1.4 on April 6, players have begun to encounter brand new villager dialogue. They have taken to Twitter to discuss what this could possibly mean for future updates to the game.

A Twitter user going by @sliceofcy noticed that Clay, one of their island inhabitants, mentioned having been told not to drink too much coffee by Brewster. Brewster, who first appeared in 2005’s Animal Crossing: Wild World, is a pigeon who runs a cafe and serves coffee. He currently does not appear in New Horizons.

Sure, the mention of Brewster might have been nothing more than an Easter egg — but what about this conversation, then? Villager Fang told Twitter user @sylvidia that he enjoys looking at pieces of art in the museum. Currently, only fish, bugs and fossils can be donated to the museum, and no pieces of art are present to view. Fang’s comment could definitely be hinting at a future update.

The addition of art to Animal Crossing: New Horizons might also herald the arrival of Redd, a sneaky character who sells paintings and statues. The crafty fox, who has appeared in every previous main series Animal Crossing title, frequently tried to trick players by selling them forgeries. Players needed to develop quite the eye for detail to spot the fakes — although some consider the forgeries highly valuable collector’s items in their own right.

Will we be “seeing Redd” or enjoying some brews with Brewster in New Horizons? Adding these new functions would certainly necessitate a major update, although Nintendo has not shied away from constantly adding things and improving the game. Additionally, data-miners such as @OatmealDome on Twitter have located existing references to a “museum cafe,” which could be a possible method of introducing Brewster and his coffee in the future.

What is known is that the next major update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons will add the limited time Earth Day event, as well as the character of Leif the sloth. The update is expected to release in late April.

Would you like to see Brewster or Redd come to New Horizons? Let us know!

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