GTA 5 Online: Alien Survival Mode & Peyote Plants Are Back

Grand Theft 5 Online is, for a limited time, bringing back the Alien Survival Series and Peyote plants. These favorites were seen initially during Halloween 2019, and better still, they’re set to remain until April 13. So, last year, the alien survival mode ran within GTA 5 for a limited time, consisting of seven survival modes, in which armed aliens were scattered around the map.

What’s more bizarre are the Peyote plants within GTA 5. These cause you to hallucinate as various animals, one of which is Bigfoot. Because who doesn’t want to be Bigfoot? If you wish to exit this bizarre mode, it’ll leave you in a hospital, awarded with RP.

Rockstar has rolled further updates, giving players more options to make money, including triple rewards for game modes like Stockpile, Air Force Zero, and Top Fun.

There’s also an exclusive one-time $500,000 gift to any player who plays GTA 5 Online in April. It’s that easy. Benefits are also available for Twitch Prime members, with 75% off Arena ZR380 and MTL Cerburus vehicles. Additionally, all Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions will be paying double. The Principe Deveste Eight and Benefactor Schlagen GT are half off, with the Imponte Deluxo is currently the Lucky Wheel top prize.

There’s also an opportunity for players to earn $1 million by simply completing Daily Challenges. A statement from Rockstar reads, “Daily Objectives are paying out extra until April 16. Complete a total of 10 Daily Objectives throughout the week and you’ll get the J Lager Beer hat as a free gift along with an additional GTA$1,000,000.”

GTA 5 Online Brings Back Alien Survival Mode & Peyote Plants
GTA 5 Online Brings Back Alien Survival Mode & Peyote Plants. (Picture: Rockstar).

Rockstar recently asked their teams to work from home in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. The developers have taken to working from home across domestic and international offices. Rockstar further affirmed in their statement that their online games would resume as normal, with support teams available for players.

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