Assassin’s Creed Chronicles collection rated by the ESRB, sniper violence and strong language detailed

Its unfortunate that Ubisoft may not be releasing a new major Assassin’s Creed game in 2016, but this doesn’t mean there is nothing coming for this year in fact it is quite the opposite. Coming very soon a collection will be made available that features all three of the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games, they were recently revealed to be headed to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Playstation Vita. As such when a game gets close to arrival the ESRB rates the game and notes a couple of details in regards to the game.

In one of the games the ESRB rating has stated that there is a moment where you kill a person with a sniper rifle, however no specifics have been given. The ESRB also notes strong language which I do not understand why its needed in the game but either way here are their exact words:

“This is a collection of three action-platfomers in which players assume the role of assassins as they fight against the Templar Order. As players traverse various environments, they use blades, swords, and firearms to kill enemy soldiers and human targets. Players can also use stealth attacks (e.g., neck breaking; stabbing enemies from behind) to dispatch characters. In some sequences, players use a targeting crosshair to kill enemy soldiers with a sniper rifle. Quick blood-splatter effects occur throughout the game; blood stains also appear on the ground. The word “sh*t” is heard in the dialogue.”

The collection is due out on February 9th and apparently will sell for a recommended retail price of around $29.99.

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