Automatic Refunds Will Be Issued for Last of Us Part 2, Iron Man VR

Recently, Sony was forced to indefinitely delay two upcoming projects: The Last of Us Part 2 and Iron Man VR. As a result, automatic refunds will be issued to those who had pre-ordered digital copies of either game.

According to an announcement made via Sony’s PlayStation Support website, emails will be sent to all purchasers detailing how the refund process will be carried out. Those who do not receive emails or have any additional questions or concerns are encouraged to contact Sony.

Previously, both games were scheduled for a May release. The Last of Us Part 2, which was to launch on May 29, is the highly anticipated sequel to 2013’s action-adventure title The Last of Us. It would have released on the PlayStation 4. Iron Man VR was previously slated to take off on May 15. It has been described as a high-flying shooter starring the classic Marvel hero and will feature compatibility with the PlayStation VR headset so players can truly take to the skies alongside Tony Stark.

The indefinite delay of both titles was announced as a result of difficulties related to the current global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Sony feels that the extreme logistical difficulties caused by the uncertain situation would result in both games having an unfavorable launch experience.

When questioned regarding a possible rescheduled release date for The Last of Us Part 2, in particular its digital version, director Neil Druckmann stated that nothing is set in stone. “There hasn’t been a final decision yet,” stated Druckmann, “Right now, we’re just reacting.”

So far, no similar announcement has been made regarding Iron Man VR.

In the meantime, The Last of Us fans can enjoy these brand new screenshots from The Last of Us Part 2, featuring beloved characters Joel and Ellie as well as the game’s utterly stunning environment.

The teams behind both games have definitely put their heart into these titles. Hopefully, they can be released soon and bring joy to gamers all over the world in these troubling times.

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