Super Mario Themed Lego Kit Debuts August 1

As part of Mario’s 35th birthday celebration this year, Nintendo has teamed up with The Lego Group to create a three-dimensional, brightly colored block-themed adventure for the beloved plumber. With brand new Lego kits meant to simulate a “game-like feel,” players will be able to create their own “levels” and “battles” with which to challenge the ever-smiling Lego Mario.

It all kicks off with the Lego Super Mario Starter Course, which is currently scheduled to be released on August 1, 2020. The set, which is available for preorder through Lego’s Web site, costs $59.99. It features 231 pieces, including blocks, pipes, flags, classic enemies such as Goomba and Bowser Jr., and of course none other than Mario himself.

Mario fans who preorder the Starter Kit through Lego will also receive a Monty Mole and Super Mushroom themed expansion pack. However, details regarding these bonus goodies have so far been limited.

The Super Mario Lego kits are specifically designed so you can create a “video-game-like” experience from the comfort of your own home. Features that enhance this experience include an accelerometer, speakers, and built-in screens which can be used to total up the virtual coins that Mario collects.

In addition, two expansion packs compatible with the starter kit have been announced via an official Tweet from Nintendo of America. The Piranha Plant Power Slide will cost $29.99 and allow Mario to go head to head with a garden of his old enemies — the grinning, sharp-toothed plants that recently made their debut as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Bower’s Castle Boss Battle, which will cost $99.99, will be a significantly larger set. Mario will be challenged to infiltrate the forbidding castle, avoid Koopa Troopa, and finally come face to face with the massive, intimidating Koopa King himself. Nintendo’s tweet includes a preview image of Lego Bowser, and he’s truly looking his regal best!

More Mario-themed Lego expansions will be released in the future, including one which has been hinted to feature Yoshi in a starring role.

Which Mario Lego kits are you most excited about? What other surprises are you hoping lie in store for Mario’s 35th birthday? Let us know!

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