Battalion 1944 Enters Early Access

FPS fans, it’s time. While the name might not yet be known, soon enough, everyone will be talking about Battalion 1944. This high-octane, 5v5 World War II multiplayer shooter, inspired by the classics, is officially entering its Early Access phase on Steam.

Bulkhead intends for Battalion 1944 to capture the spirit and feel of the old-school shooters that we all loved so much, but with a new polish, coating, and game engine to bring it all home. The game looks fantastic, and even in just watching the trailer, I am reminded of those late nights I stayed up playing Free-For-All back in World at War,  years ago.

I’m eager to see if Bulkhead will live up to the reputation they’ve set for themselves. I’m hopeful that with Battalion 1944 they will have captured the look, feel, and experience of the games that inspired it, and avoid falling short, making a decade late rip-off of an already fantastic game. Only time will tell, but I have faith in Battalion.

Battalion 1944 retails for $14.99 USD, but is $13.49 USD until February 8. It is available on Steam Marketplace in Early Access right now.

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