BattleField Hardline set to be less linear

From time to time I think it is a great idea for the main developers of a franchise to walk away and consider letting somebody else take over and offer some new ideas that the previous developers had not even considered and this is set to be the case with Battlefield Hardline. Longtime Battlefield developer Dice has handed over the reins to their beloved franchise and Visceral Games has take them ready to offer something new and in this case it appears they are focused on making a good single player experience and make the game less linear. creative director Ian Milham sat down Rock, Paper, Shotgun and said:

“When we were thinking about how to do this game, I think anybody who knows us at Visceral knows that singleplayer is near and dear to our heart. We’ve done a pretty OK job of it before, and we have some pretty cool ideas for this one.”

“On the singleplayer side the stuff that’s important to us is maybe not do as much of a single-path linear rollercoaster that’s been done before. We want more tactical choice, more player choice. Things to do besides just shoot everybody. That’s not really a cop thing as much.”

From my understanding the single player in the Battlefield games has always been decenta nd this idea could make the games even better which is why I like when new developers take over, there is still a risk that they could just kill the franchise but to try and offer a better experience it is worth it.

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