Black Desert Online Running Crossover Event With Netflix Series, Cursed

Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games announced today they are running a special crossover event in their MMORPG Black Desert Online related to the recent premiere of Cursed on Netflix, with a quest line tied to the series.  It will be available to all players on all platforms starting July 28 for mobile players, July 29 for PC, and August 5 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Cursed takes a different look at Arthurian legend, focusing on the character of Nimue, a teenage girl who is destined to become the Lady of the Lake. Working with a mercenary named Arthur to deliver an ancient sword to the wizard Merlin, Nimue finds herself facing off against King Uther and his terrifying Red Paladins. The series was adapted from the illustrated novel of the same name, written by Tom Wheeler and illustrated by legendary comic book artist Frank Miller.

It’s currently Netflix’s #1 new series, and while it’s still too early to say, many anticipate there will be a second season despite there not being a second novel to base it off of (one hopes the production team learns the lessons of Game of Thrones well).

For Black Desert, players will be encountering Nimue and working alongside her and her comrades to fend off the Red Paladins while trying to help her get back home. Completing the quest line will grant event-specific tokens which players can turn in for special in-game items. As part of the crossover event, PC players will be able to download Black Desert Online for free until August 5, granting a 14 day trial. If the PC players can reach level 50 before their 14 day trial expires, they will receive a permanent Basic Game Pass. The offer does not apply to players who have downloaded the game through Steam.  Further details on the promotion can be found on Black Desert‘s news section.


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