A Blast From The Past: Tamagotchis Are Back

“Help! I’m starving!”

“Quick! I need to use the bathroom!”

“Hey! I want to play!”

If you haven’t enough responsibilities in your life, be prepared to add another to the list. Our favorite digital pets are back, and this time, caring, playing, and watching your Tamagotchi grow is easier than ever on iOS and Android devices. Hatch your Tamagotchi, pet them, play games with them, keep them well-nourished, happy, healthy, and, most importantly, be the best digital-pet parent you can possibly be.

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Paladin Studios released My Tamagotchi Forever on March 15, as a free-to-download app. While the game is free to download and play, it is riddled with ads and microtransactions. Often, you are prompted to purchase a boost that “removes necessary advertisements,” and are offered special sales for “gems.” These gems are not necessary to progress in the game or care for your pet. Instead, you are encouraged to earn gold coins, which are more widely used, and are earned by performing routine actions as well as playing arcade games with your pet. It is not necessary to purchase anything in this game, despite the heavy amount of advertisement and prompting. 

Currently, there are 16 Tamagotchi species available in the game, which evolve from baby to toddler to teen to adult, a pattern that previous Tamagotchi games established.

Whether you’ve owned a Tamagotchi in the past, or are entirely new to the world of these cute little pets, My Tamagotchi Forever will satisfy your nostalgic and digital-parental needs just fine, if you can deal with a bit of advertisement every now and again.

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