Blizzard Announces It’s “Too Early” To Make a Decision About BlizzCon

Many major gaming events planned for summer and fall 2020 have already been canceled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, developer Blizzard has so far avoided making any similar announcement regarding BlizzCon, an annual celebration of the company’s many popular titles.

On April 9, Blizzard released a statement on the convention’s official Web site, explaining that it was “too early” to make any final decisions regarding the event’s cancellation. The message highlighted Blizzard’s desire to prioritize the health and safety of both fans and employees. It reads:

“While we’re all hopeful things will look better later in the year, the bottom line is that at this point it’s too early to know whether BlizzCon 2020 will be feasible. The health of our community, employees, and everyone who helps with the show is our top consideration. It might be a few months before we know for certain if or how we’ll proceed, but as soon as we have a meaningful update, we’ll share it.”

Although BlizzCon 2020’s dates have not yet been announced, fans have speculated that, should it avoid cancellation, it will take place either the weekend of October 30-31 or November 7-8 at its usual location, the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Even if BlizzCon does wind up canceled, it is highly likely that Blizzard will follow in the footsteps of other developers and provide some sort of online-based alternative for fans. Blizzard typically sells “Virtual Tickets,” which allow those who cannot attend in person to watch certain interviews, announcements, and panels. Something similar to the “Virtual Ticket” system could be put in place if a physical BlizzCon does not happen.

Blizzard’s message states that they are “considering a range of scenarios and possibilities” regarding how to handle the 2020 event.

Last year, BlizzCon featured some pretty exciting announcements, including Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. Hopefully, some big news is awaiting eager Blizzard fans this year, whether or not the event is canceled or continues as planned.

What announcements are you hoping for at BlizzCon 2020? Let us know!

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