Infinity Ward Reintroduces Trios Into Warzone After Backlash

Due to a backlash from the Call Of Duty community, Infinity Ward has reintroduced trios into Warzone. Earlier this week, quads were made available as season three went live. However, without warning or any explanation, the publisher pulled trios at the same time, leaving fans disappointed.

Now it’s back, as a post explains on Infinity Ward’s Twitter feed. According to the developer, a playlist update would be rolling out across all platforms. The playlist went live on April 10 and it appears the only thing left out of Warzone now is duos, but this mode appears to be making a comeback too.

A post from Call Of Duty Warzone News revealed that Duos would be coming back into Warzone too, captioned with images of quads and duos. The official website pulled the news soon after. You can see the post below.

Activision announced yesterday that Warzone reached 50 million players. Just 24 hours following its launch, the battle royale mode had pulled in 6 million users. In the coming days, the numbers increased exponentially, reaching 15 million.

It follows the success of Call Of Duty Mobile, which launched in the back half of 2019, drawing in a staggering 150 million downloads worldwide. With season three now live, there’s plenty for Call Of Duty players to get on with during these uncertain times in lockdown. From the return of Alex, there are new 6v6 maps to drop into, plus new weapons, blueprints, charms, modes, and multiplayer playlists to get your hands on.

Lastly, to cap off a busy few weeks for the publisher, Activision also launched Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. The revamped version of the acclaimed 2009 title is available to buy on PS4 now and comes with HD visuals, (up to 4K), and HDR support for console users.

Pre-purchase is available for other platforms before it’s April 30 release date.

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