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Miss Jet Set Radio and need your vandalizing skating fix? Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is blasting your way! Developed by Team Reptile, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a melting pot of hip hop, future gadgetry, and cans upon cans of spray paint.

I’ve only scratched the surface of the story, as this article is merely my current impression, but so far it’s an interesting premise. You, the Faux, lost your head (literally) to an evil DJ who’s trying to control other people’s minds. After Tryce, the Bomb Rush Crew leader, affixes a temporary robo head to you, you then make your journey to get your original head back. As weird as the story’s motivation is, the characters involved are equally as strange. Right from the get-go you have to confront a crew of pieced together people known as the Franks (like Frankestein’s Monster), with their creator known as the Flesh Prince (which is perhaps the grossest name you could have given yourself). Though I’m only getting through the beginning of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the experience has definitely been a trip.

Screenshot 1900
You know, I’d rather not

While not perfect, the gameplay in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is solid. Transitions to different tricks are easy to pull off with a simple button press. I long for a little more difficulty when performing tricks, like the balancer in Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. The lack of realism with the skate gear makes BRC more “arcadey”, but that’s not necessarily a problem. There is a problem between the skate and walking modes, however. Skating around is straightforward, and almost any area is skateable, but the coordination when off the skates is wonky. There is an entire battle/trick system that simulates hip hop dance moves that doubles as attacks against the cops or stepping up to a dance-off. The battling against the cops feels second to the skating. Hits boxes are everywhere. I jumped and kicked and the enemy on the other side of the arena moved. While battling isn’t the main focus of the game, having it still in the game moves it a notch lower on the “radical” scale. While skating around in the world, cops start chasing after you for vandalizing walls, but you’re so fast that it doesn’t even matter. It’s not even a nuisance, really, the cops are too slow to gang up on you. Having the cops there because of the vandalizing is such a silly concept (especially where I live where wall art is everywhere), that I wish there was a better reason. Perhaps there is and I haven’t experienced enough of the game. I shall report back with my findings.

In summary: Wild story involving imaginative characters and fluid gameplay that gets you hyped about skating. Off skate combat is a little weak, but hopefully there’s not too much needed. Looking forward to playing more of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk!

Screenshot 1895
While in game art is awesome, the UI is not. Check out the full review for details

Jordan played Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on PC with a review key. BRC is also available for Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4 and Xbox One starting September 1st.

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