Call Of Duty Cheshire Map And The Invincible Bus Stop

A lot of the time in Call Of Duty is spent finding good cover as a firefight heats up. Now it appears that a new multiplayer map recently introduced, Cheshire Park, may have just found the answer. Players have discovered a bus stop on the map that, for all intents and purposes, is invincible.

The bus stop can be found on the southern side of the map, around the Retail Row section aside a red double-decker bus. 

For a visual demonstration of the bus stop’s ruggedness and supposed invincibility, check out the short clip via Reddit below. Posted by user LucaTheCat, the clip demonstrates the immense strength of the glass, appearing impenetrable from bullets.

Bus stop stopping bullets on the new map
by u/LucaTheCat in modernwarfare

Whether it means this bus stop is a design flaw gone unnoticed by the developers or added in as an intentional, strategic advantage to players in the know, it’s undoubtedly a whacky addition to the multiplayer map.

If it is a bug, then it’s likely Infinity Ward will, at some point, soon address the issue with a patch update. If not, then the only weapon that might be able to challenge the unbreakable glass comes in the form of the 725 shotgun, which was last year nerfed for its staggering accuracy from long-range, and it’s ferocious damage spread. 

Cheshire Park is a medium-sized map and currently available in a 24/7 playlist. 

Elsewhere in the world of Call Of Duty, Infinity Ward released a new playlist update and the latest patch.

The patch fixes two critical problems. The first is a fix for the realism moshpit playlist, which would not rotate modes, while the second amends a poorly functioning CDL playlist.

The playlist update, available on all platforms, has removed the Shoot the Ship playlist, and separated Shipment (5v5) and Shoot House (8v8), into two individual playlists.

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