Halo Infinite Toys May Have Leaked Game Plot Points

A collection of new Halo Infinite toys from Mega Bloks has emerged online. However, many within the Halo community have voiced concerns that one of the toys has potentially revealed a major plot point from the forthcoming Halo Infinite.

Reddit user kittyrules808 posted a link for one of the images, as found via the Mega Construx Halo webpage, (at present down for maintenance), which appears to show a hefty looking character sporting an axe and a helmet belonging to Jameson Locke on his shoulder. The character’s name is believed to be Hyperious.

Locke appeared as a protagonist in Halo 5: Guardians. With Locke believed to be alive in the fifth game, many have put two and two together. The images came courtesy of Eurogamer before the Mega Bloks site being taken down.

Halo Infinite Toys Pose Potential Peak To Game
Halo Infinite Toys Pose Potential Peak To Game. (Picture: 343/Mega Bloks).

More details have emerged, including a new vehicle called a Skiff, and a massive Pelican playset, which features John 117 and The Pilot responsible for bringing him back online, as seen in last year’s E3 trailer in 2019.

Recently, a teaser for Halo Infinite emerged online. Released by 343 Industries, the short clip features a radio transmission from The Banished, a mercenary group who’d previously appeared in Halo Wars 2.

A gravelly voice can be heard in the radio transmission. “The hour approaches,” the voice states. “Forces occupy The Ring. Within hours, it will be under our control. Humanity will burn. Their brazen defiance will be all but a memory. No more prophets, no more lies. We stand together, brothers to the end. We are his will, we are his legacy, we are The Banished.”

The Xbox Series X is expected for release during the 2020 holiday season, and Microsoft intends to release Halo Infinite alongside the next-gen console. The game is in further development for Xbox One and PC.

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