Call of Duty development changes incoming. Be ready.

Activision has announced some changes coming to the Call of Duty franchise in the way of development. CEO Bobby Kotick announced that instead of Treyarch leading the development for the 2014 Call of Duty, Sledgehammer Games will be creating the next Call of Duty.Kotick proclaims that Sledgehammer will be joining Infinity Ward and Treyarch in developing the Call of Duty franchise. But instead of putting finishing touches on Call of Dutys or creating DLC;they will be releasing a full package Call of Duty. Yes. A full game. Not some spin-off. A full game with a campaign,mutiplayer,explosions,and everything that you want in a Call of Duty game. Don’t think that Infinity Ward and Treyarch are going to be sitting back and sipping on their grape juice as Activation puts Sledgehammer to work like dogs. They too will be developing Call of Dutys because as Eric Hirshberg (CEO of  Activision Publishing) explained,the three studios will running on a three year development cycle, just so they can each have more time than usually to add features and polish their games. There still will be yearly iteration to the series. So don’t worry that you won’t have you Call of Duty fix. Because you will. They’ll make sure you will. They’ll stuff it down your throat if they have to.

Another Call of Duty? They are Ready.

PS: CEO Bobby Kotick declared that Sledgehammer Games’s new Call of Duty is “perhaps the best Call of Duty ever created.” I didn’t want to feature it on the main article. Because,you know,he is the CEO.


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