Killer Instinct developer Double Helix is now under Amazon’s Wing.

Do you remember all those rumors that have been stirring up for the last couple of years that (the online store) might be joining the video game industry? Those rumors are starting to sound more and more true as Amazon has bought Double Helix Games (developers for the Killer Instinct reboot game on Xbox One).

Double Helix Games will still stay a studio,and Amazon has stated that they will support all of Double Helix current projects (like Strider) before they enslave the studio to do Amazon’s biding.

So is Amazon real going to make a console? Who knows? But I do admit, it is smart snatching up other game studios to develop supposedly-exclusive games for their new console. At this time,Amazon has two devoted studios under there wings: Amazon Game Studios and now of course, Double Helix Games. If an Amazon console does appear on store shelves,it is fine by me.More competition in this market usually means the consumer benefits and forces everyone in the industry to start hustling. Nintendo probably doesn’t like this news though. The last thing they need is rumors of more competition.

Thanks to TechCrunch for breaking this story.

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