Call Of Duty Dog Companions Are Back In Multiplayer Modes

Dogs are back in Call of Duty and will assist players on the battlefield. The pets will be equipped to the player’s belt (quite hilariously, we should add) and can be deployed to execute a finishing move in multiplayer, Battle Royale, and DMZ modes. Better yet, there will be no canine casualties on the battlefield since these adorable companions cannot be harmed in a fight. 


The dog, which goes by the name of Merlin, will be available as part of Warzone Season 5’s BlackCell, an upgrade to the standard battle pass. Purchasing the pass will allow players to fight with a loyal doggo in tow. Sadly, our hopes are dashed at the prospect of becoming Merlin, which would add a new dimension to playing Warzone as a four-legged dog (imagine those killcams). Players can unleash Merlin and turn their enemies “into chew toys” according to a social media post.

If you can cast your mind back a decade during the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, the 2013 title featured Riley, a playable dog who formed a part of the Ghosts squadron. The companion supported players in seeking out hostiles and searching for explosive devices.

The dog, playable during particular sections of the campaign, did sustain an injury during the game, but thankfully, the developers opted to keep the sweet doggo alive. More recently, Riley was further included with the Season 3 battle pass of Modern Warfare.


What are other animal companions would you like to see feature in Call of Duty’s multiplayer modes? Let us know of your thoughts in the comment section down below. Plus, after more than a decade, Nintendo’s servers supporting old Call of Duty titles were finally discontinued.

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