After Modern Warfare III Leaks, Activision Get A Word In

It may not be entirely surprising that the Call of Duty franchise is facing another leak. On this occasion, however, Activision is getting in on the joke. As first reported by IGN (via a report from MP1st), the Modern Warfare III reveal date, key art, and weapons were data mined. Firstly, we have the reveal date, which is purportedly set for August 17. We can expect more information during a limited-time, worldwide reveal event during Season 5 of Warzone, as confirmed by Activision.

Weapons, operators, and other items are expected to carry over into Modern Warfare III from its predecessor, which brings us neatly to the key art for the game. Images featuring Captain Price and the title logo appeared during a Monster Energy promotional run. Another features a skull and snakes. In response to the leaks, the Call of Duty Twitter channel shared a Microsoft paint doodle of Captain Price and the title “Modern Warfare Redacted?”

“Jokes on you, real key art here,” the tweet reads. The studio further vows to share their “artistic abilities and even more” in the coming week. Modern Warfare III was reportedly referenced in DMCA strikes from Activision, thanks to a story by Video Games Chronicle last month. 

In a mid-credits scene for Modern Warfare II, Russian Ultranationalists prepare to hijack a commercial plane, being warned by Makarov not to speak Russian during the takeover. This is almost certainly the launching point for the new game, as plot details remain thin on the ground at this stage. You can read GameLuster’s full review of Modern Warfare II.

What are you most looking forward to from Modern Warfare III? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay with us for more news at GameLuster.

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