“Call Of Duty” Mod Project Shut Down By Activision

X Labs Project, a community-made Call of Duty mod project, has reportedly been shut down by Activision. This news comes just five days after another huge project, Call of Duty sm2, was also shut down. Both projects were meant to be free for any player to enjoy, but now, no one is going to have that luxury.

On May 22, X Labs Project announced on their official Twitter account that they would be “shutting down all operations permanently” due to Activision handing them a Cease and Desist letter. This project was a client suite, aiming to offer improved versions of past Call of Duty titles, such as Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3, Ghosts, and Modern Warfare 2.  Years of work were put into it, as it added a list of new or improved features that the base game did not provide.

Less than a week ago, Call of Duty sm2, another popular client project that added major overhauls to weapons, maps, perks, and more to the game, was shut down with a similar Cease and Desist letter from Activision. This was a project that had also been worked on for years, now gone down the drain as Activision continues to take action against these third-party softwares. They had just posted their latest devblog a month ago on April 22.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment against Activision and the decisions that they’ve been making—some are even saying that they should band together and never play another Activision game again. Youtuber M3RKMUS1C posted, “RIP XLabs….Activision will do this because they CAN. They don’t even need a good reason….I’m speechless…” to which many people in the comments agreed.

How do you feel about the steps Activision has been taking? Do you agree with upset fans, or do you think the company is justified? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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