Capcom has announced Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 are heading to current generation consoles

Capcom has revealed that they be bringing remastered versions of Resident Evil’s 4, 5, and 6 to current generation consoles.

With the ever growing list of Resident Evil remakes and remasters we can now add three more to the list. Starting on March 29, Resident Evils 4, 5, and 6 will launch on Sony and Microsoft’s latest consoles. Resident Evil 6 kicks things off on March 29. Players will get all the original content, plus all the additional post-launch downloadable content. Resident Evil 5 follows this summer, and Resident Evil 4 closes it up this Autumn. For these two games not as much information has been given it can be assumed that all additional content will come with the release, but we are going to need to wait for additional details to be certain. All three games will be $20 each, so they should not be that expensive and should be good value all up.

While Resident Evil 4 is a much loved game 5 and 6 were not so loved, hopefully with this remaster the games can find a new audience and perhaps see just a little bit more respect. Anyway here is the announcement trailer for the games:

You can read our review of Resident Evil 6 here.

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