Missingno glitch still in Pokemon Red and Blue Virtual Console release

With Pokemon Red and Blue getting ready to arrive on the 3DS Virtual Console fans are starting to wonder how much of the original games have been left in tack and how much has been altered. We already know about the change to the battle and trade systems with other players which is now handled by wireless communication, but what else has changed? The big thing many have been wondering is whether the infamous Missingno glitch was still going to be in the Virtual Console release, this was a big deal to the original game and its players so we had to hope.

Good news is the glitch has not been removed and is still very much alive in the Virtual Console release, this has been discovered by someone with access to the game early as you can see in the video below, though I should note that it is in German so you might not understand the words, but the important thing is still clear.

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